The Delicious Monster

The Burning ManSo basically there is the largest outdoor festival in the Tankwa-Karoo desert. I suppose the question is how do you stumble upon such adventures and opportunistic experiences…? Well that all stems off from a great friend of mine who basically shared her knowledge of its existance with me through a mutual passion and curiosity for something more- pushing the boundaries if you will. The idea of it stewed about in our minds for a year or two and then practically fell into my lap when I was invited by an Eastern Cape force of individuals who, like us, shared a passion for the experience that was and is still to be had; every year. Our group name is The Delicious Monster, hence the title of this post…

The festival is like no other and is not to be regarded as “just another this or that.” Planning takes months of advanced energy and effort driven by a desire and passion for what’s instore. The concept is simple and the interpretation and experience to be had, entirely up to you as an individual.

We have currently established a rather strong and growing force in the form of what I would describe as Eastern Cape awesomeness who are all working together: delegating certain aspects in conjunction with the niches each person has at their disposal. It is an ongoing process that keeps us motivated, involved and evermore fired up. Some of our members have already attended one of the previous years and have been more than willing to share their knowledge and guidance for what lies ahead in 2012.

If this adventure is something you would love to be a part of, I encourage you to have a go at their official site which will be a more thorough explanation as well as a guide to your every query and thought thereon. Please do feel welcome to share thoughts or queries on this post and we can figure it out together. Or if you would like to have a look at our facebook group, it is open and welcome for all to join and get involved if it tickles your curiosity in any way at all:

Here is a description of the festival as it is found on the site and the link tyou want to follow is:

“AfrikaBurn is a community of participants who gather once a year in the Karoo desert in South Africa forming an impermanent city, creating art, building structures and theme camps, wearing costumes, making music and performances and more!”

Be enlightened and hope to see you all there in the years to come.



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