Living room conversation

“A sneaky-sneak brother from another mother.”

“Sometimes I ask my friends to do this and they ask me to do that.”

“Coz no-one looks like Gareth Cliff.”

“I think i’m gonna get a fresh glass of water because I actually don’t trust you guys.”

“I’m quacking off in my tool-shed.”

“How about you get kissed between the inner thighs.”

“Ya, but Scotty doesn’t know the feeling…


“Roxy, I’m angry with you.”

“If it’s not in it’s on top.”

“Do you want some energy drink – do you want some energy?”

“CTrl ALt DeL, keep it in your feet because the street is heat.”

“Dude, can I see waht you’ve written?”

“Look how it’s like… look how it’s like.. floating there.

_look, it looks perfect.”

“But am I a girl and can I smoke a bong?”

“You might have a pen and paper…but I have a 12inch…”

_”this is so heavy.”

“I wanna see you guys smoke a beego.

_I went to jail for that, I was being bass.”

“After this, Ill get sleep.

…OMG. Canada has the best weed in the world.”

“Make it a ice cream cone.

_Tattooed head to phone.”

“I let out everything I think.”

(shitttteeee im Highhhhhhhhhhhhhhh)

_”Ok yes.”

“I find twitter a lot of fun but no-one’s who you are or what you say.”



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