what is the ideal beginning?

Your father stranded you;

Your mother never showed you much more than the back of her hand.

Your brother got put in-front of you,

And your ‘friends’ just didn’t care…


And now this life you’re in seems so unfair.

A scenario, despite unique aspects_ shared,

By every life that ever dared.


So where is the line and who will draw it…?

If each individual has a self-made experience,

Who will you let take control?


If the answer was simple and so complete,

Why do you keep falling at their feet?

In a pond shared by all as a tree for all styles of life…

Are you sure you’re ready to admit your defeat?

Detach once and for all a dependence on that rife.


A few more weeks and hours of fighting…

Can you feel it closer now_ that flame igniting?

Directing energy at random as the punches roll in;

Reading only to growth_ let the mimics begin.


Eventually a time returns where once again you’re faced with with the question that shows;

Your answers can still not be replaced.


So now it’s clear for one to say_ with certainty;

Your life began and things went south,

Until you decide to use your own mouth.


To grow and work towards adulthood,

As it is in everything_ energy displaced…

A battle not to waste.


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