every ‘thing’ governs two sides of its full spectrum (… balance is key)

I’ve been thinking about the concerns and sacrifices both mother and I thought up… naturally…

But as I sit in O.R.T airport, looking at this life that we have all been offered, I cannot help but think that one would be able to find faults/risks/sacrifices- concerns – about every choice that comes ones way;

Without them, choice does not exist. _How can you say yes/no based on a choice that possesses none of the above?

It seems that for the most part, we enjoy referring to mans ways as a form of ‘natural instincts’, something deeper than that which dwells on the surface so simply and plainly.

Why now, should we ignore this natural reflex as a factor posing power to potentially warp ones thoughts when trying to make ‘the right choice’ ?

By recognising the above we can understand the anxieties caused by these things and realise that if one would always look to the risks as a means of swaying that decision, we would all end up moving backwards.

Stagnancy of ones progression, so to speak, does not stop life (nor time) from continuing…

So you do the math and then decide how much of an influence all the doubt and fear you harbour within should take control.


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