Bonvoyage in less than 7 days…

Departing my hometown, Port Elizabeth, in less than a week now. I will be on my way on the 22nd and will arrive after a 25hr journey (stop offs included) in Geneva where I will be fetched and driven to my new home, Saviese.

It is made up of little villages on the mountains near a town called Sion which is the capital of the Swiss canton of Valais. Landmarked to perfection with the most incredible castles seated ontop of very high-reaching hills. (my lungs would breath testimony to that fact) There are many lovely restaurants and pubs along the streets where many a person goes to endulge in a pot of cheese fondue and sip on some delicious white wine along with black tea, which is undoubtedly necessary (especially for us foreign folk) as a digestive aid thereafter. My lactose intolerence proved to make things a little more tricky until I was told about a medicine called ‘lactofet’ which can be taken before to avoid any ‘digestive mishaps’.

The main language spoken is French and hence my first stop and goal to master 🙂

Wish me luck!




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