I’m moving to Switerland tomorrow – one way ticket and a heart filled with excitement through the sadness as I realise all else that will remain behind. . . I find comfort in realising how it is necessary to leave something behind in order to move on to that which lies ahead.

It’s not to say that, that which I leave behind (physically) will be left behind on an emotional plane. Home is where this heart remains 🙂

That being said, I feel it is time for me to stap out and make my own decisions and take my own responsibilities.

I may have thrown myself in the deep end here but no-one ever said it was gonna be easy. The awesome 4 people I will be sharing my new home lifestyle with, have been amazing so far and very welcoming. There has been much support on offer and in place with regards to my move which has definitely played a large role in making all of it that much easier.

I feel so blessed with this opportunity falling into place and all I want to do now is to dedicate my passion and energy in to making things work and create a wonderful journey filled with new experiences, people, places, FOOOD (&& amazing white wine and cheeses!!!)

So with that I find myself sitting down on the couch, wondering what on earth I should start with in terms of preparation. I kind of wish I could teleport because selective packing has not yet proven to be a strong point of mine.


Oh well, I’m off to another attempt,

wish me luck!

au revoir!


One thought on “procrastination

  1. I wish you alllllll the BEST! I admire your courage…and your free spirit will always be an inspiration to me. I am sure this will one of the most memorable experiences of your life. I’ll miss you…Love…Ash.

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