angel cards

Angels of Light Cards ~ Diana CooperOnce upon a time I met a cool lady whose name is Julie. She has a british accent and dark half-dreaded hair…

One day, we fetched her before heading off to a brave two wonderful girls’ mother’s funeral; stopped off at her house and mellowed out with a lovely/potent vodka lime and some homemade takeaway chow.

Julie revealed a few of the wonderful trinkets and things which occupied the space of her dwelling space and with that came a box of various cards- tarot, etc. and among them existed ‘angel cards’. we all had our go at one of the other card packs she had and when we were done, the alcohol was low and the time was running thin for us to depart, she decided to gift me with those angel cards.

I now still have them and have up to this point frequently made use of them and shared moments with others. Right now, I sit in ORT international airport and I have just drawn a card which I would like to share…

Title: “BEAUTY”

“the outer world is a reflection of your inner, so focus on the beauty within yourself, your good qualities, your kindness, your gifts and talents. Remember that whatever you give attention to increases and grows.

Everyone has some beauty in their soul, so seek it in others. Remind them of their qualities and you will illuminate them.

Surround yourself with things and people with a beautiful vibration, for we are all influenced by that which is around us.

As you tune more and more into the incredible wonder of yourself, others and the planet, your resonance becomes that of beauty. Others will perceive the radiance of your soul and be touched by it.

AFFIRMATION: ” I recognise my beauty and that of others.”


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