Bidvest lounge, ORT International, how can we help you…???

airport lounge self service snacks and drinks alcoholic alsoooooo

So R250 gets you in without a diners club card… also fine with me and I’m sure you would agree when you see what’s on the menu.

Free wi-fi all over, free light meals and snacks (muffins, chips, cookies , sambos, pies etc, veg, salad) ;freshly pressed juices (orange, cranberry) coffee machine, open bar (At this point, that’s my favourite!) – and no, it’s not just beer and cider, hard tack up for grabs too. I even managed to find a bottle of bubbly or hooch as they call it along with a variety of reserve and vintage wines.

I guess another really amazing perk (and for those of you frequent long-distance travellers would know) is showers- and they’re clean!!! If showering isn’t for your stress relief, then a spacious, well-ventilated smokers lounge may just do the trick!

I am in heaven for 5 hours.


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