embarking on a 25hr journey to my new home

The day has arrived and my departure is at 12:30 heading to jozi first.

Thank the heavens for my mother and her willingness to fund my entrance into the airport lounge there while I float in transit for 5 hrs.

Next stop is Dubai and once again I score thanks to Emirates…Something new I learnt from another traveller along the way4 hr plus stop off in Dubai, you can go to the information desk in the airport and receive a meal voucher for a meal and refreshment to make transit that much more ‘fulfilling’ 😛 haha. Unfortunately for us smokers this doesn’t really aid us as the public smoing cubicles are as the word describes them to be. I’m talking 3 x 3m room so overcrowed by smoke you probably wouldn’t be able to see your hand stretched out in front of you. I tried school-boying, ended up feeling more sick and stressed out than before I even had the cigg. Only other option is to make a purchase (to the value of 35Dh -dirham minimum) at one of the two restaurants that have smoking lounges.

Final destination, Geneva, and then its another lengthly drive to my new home in Saviese. Never good-bye to that which remains here in South Africa, but rather, see you later 🙂

All the best to everyone for the year ahead and the decisions and battles and successes and failures that cross your path. May you stay true to what is you and believe in the ability you have to make your goals and dreams a reality.

Keep on keeping on.

love, light and positive energy.



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