Distant Dubai

Boarding the plane in Dubai, enroute GenevaOk, so after what felt like half an hour, AT LEAST… we (myself and some of the other passengers on the bus) arrive at the moveable staircase leading up to the Emirates aircraft – the final leg of my travel experience (for now of course). Me, being the South African tourist that I was, decided to whip out the camera in an attempt to snap up some sort of memory in commemoration of the exciting moment

Suffice to say, I managed to get two pics (this and one prior) before I was repromanded/rudely interrupted, by a man in uniform, who had on him a rather serious face; This was again reflected by the tone of his voice.

Moral of the story: no photo-capturing of Emirates aircraft or the likes thereof or of anything else you might like to capture within view whilst near the aircraft (and the serious man).

Message to the man with the serious everything: “LOOK what I have!!!! <cheeky face and tone of voice> “


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