Money and a fading sense of purpose

A commonly shared experience;

That which entails a parody,

Of success versus money;

A dream of milk and honey…


A search and strife,

Seems to take over ones life;

And so the feeling of purpose fades…


A darkness creeps in;

Your head begins a decent,

Into a space of defeat;

And unfulfilled essence,

Becomes your aura…


This seemingly complex parody,

You piece together in your thoughts;

Successs is not measured by your bank accounts,

yet it’s necessary to grant ones freedom

In a world where everything has its price…


If the purpose of life is the one thing,

You seek to revive – the end goal

Much like looking for love…

Is it a surprise when it feels impossible to meet?


Simplicity guides one back to basics;

Setting small goals to attain one’s big dream;

Baby steps… after all, we’re only human…


A nature often so foul;

Desire and need for a challenge,

To keep one driven,

Jumping to the final goal…

…What purpose then would keep you livin’?


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