the perfect pace

Every one is receiving/delivering,

has received/delivered,

or is still to receive/deliver…


That ideal “pace of growth” based on age versing that of maturity

A balance nullified/compromised/denied.


All together transformed into perfect contradiction.


Perhaps you’ve been deemed ‘rather mature for your age’….

perhaps… ‘too immature’

Received a push to accelerate to a ‘higher state of mind and being’

Perhaps your heading for your 30’s or 40’s even…

been deemed as ‘a baby consuming that of a full-grown, adult body‘…


Motivation generally being the good old ‘age beith just a number

…defending those of us who feel more mature at a very early age;

Or those of us that feel like a new born in our mid 30’s 40’s etc.


Mainly, it would seem the topic of concern leads to ‘the young ones’ feeling ‘older‘ than they should…

And the admiration seems to be spread out to ‘those of a ripe age‘ who have managed to rest in their ’20’s state of mind,  in terms especially,

of the physical activity, liberation and freedom that age seems to exude….


The perfect pace… with regards, seems a little more complex than a solid, one-man point of view…

One I have not felt expressed perhaps enough since it seems the greatest fear comes from growing old for most people reaching some latter age…


Skipping your childhood is a shame for those wishing to excell to their full potential maturity…

In my opinion too, being afraid to grow-up and experience that which this life has prepared your body and mind for on a spiritual, biological and even in terms of being somewhat lawfully pleasing level etc…

Why is it so bad to go through these stages?

It is not to say one should stop all else…


I just can’t help but to wonder:

Whom of us would really wish to live to the age of 60 having only lived as a child

And the same goes for those ‘fast-spurters’ among us:

Whom of us would really wish to live to the age of 60 having just been old.


There are always the two sides… maybe even three or four or many more

the challenge is to resist the formation of one’s opinion and one’s course-in-life; 

Based solely on the most prominantly advertised ideologies of the pace of one’s life.


The perfect pace exists… the entity of that perfection is yours as an individual to decide on.


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