a question of leopards versus humans

They say a leopard never changes his spots;

a thief remains a thief,

a murderer continues to murder,

a cheater nevers ceases his acts,

but what remains unclear is that the saying goes for the real thing;



The true leopard by genotype,

the human being- his own,

mutations aside;

the true thief doesn’t vary in genotype from any other human that is not as he,

nor the murderer and cheaters alike;



The question is thus that of a phase versus a set desire,

conditonal circumstances, unique to each…



Only that which is permanent is unchanging;

a term which requires a bit more insight than judgement based on one act or phase,

an opportunity for numerous outcomes;

personal profiles: the status of mind, body, spirit decide…



So it’s true they say a leopard never changes his spots,

the question remains to which spots the body will bind.


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