what if and then….

what if it was so, as one said:

like a game of poker when that voice in your head had it’s say,

when something told you to add more salt to a dish,

when you felt a twitch as you were deciding upon a new career,

when you recalled the warnings of your mother,

when you followed the acts of another,

when the cat cried for an extra helping,

when the laptop demanded another recharge,


when your brain desired a rest;

when questions ceased,

and life continued to breathe,

did you see how the diminutive of a lucky guess remained just that

as one before it named and dote it so…


“what if?”


what if you realise one day how many people even truly cared…

what if then this question no longer exists with a purpose?

what if the ‘if’ ceases and the ‘then’ takes its place?


maybe the point is not to spend a life asking questions which lead to not answers, but further questions and these questions of which leave one feeling neither filled nor somewhat satisfied yet instead you’re left older and less with time…

what then for the questioneurs of “what if?”


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