a moment of consciousness in the unconscious…

There has been a moment where time ran away with my consciousness…

Where the couch became a friend and television equated to social life;

Where the weather wasn’t a factor, nor date and time;

Where the real people were nothing more than transparent breezes of wind passing through…


As I lay, my brain resembled that of a goldfish that had nothing to remember,

And as the moment expanded over days, adding up to weeks and stretching over to months,

The space has been reallocated rightfully so and overcrowding had her presence…


A sudden un-comfort overcame me as the roof began to plunder down upon my underachieving life;

Decision to crawl out from under, with the little strength my stationary body contained still;

Freedom presented herself, with the price of a wake up call and commitment to a greater sense of being…


A price my will shall gladly pay unto the path of existence I wish to become.


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