‘Salivated’, elastic dreams lead to this and that…

‘Of what’, becomes one of the many questions to follow,

and ‘why’, the childlike all-time father’s favourite,

‘To answer’, where to begin, be it best to wait…


‘For what’, in a frame where time only appears to be standing still,

but staring, the big hand continues her clockwise fashion…

Another aspect which never seems to have its end,

In a mind, whose will be behind the next theme,

 or scheme- whichever you prefer…


Preference will walk on by all the rest until it meets what’s suited best,

Oh yes- the test, but the score won’t be written so don’t fret your little head with ideas of false impressions built up by others expectations…


When the number remains limitless and ongoing,

perhaps the answer is to be as is, 

Now go.


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