free for all

Bound by a chance,

whose face hid his tainted glance…

An angel-born offspring,

One who knew my heartstring…


The gift of unity,

Allowed by that which had tied,

left boulders and craters,

To fill with its needs of assurance…


Single, intermolecular bonds,

Where one’s alright, but two’s a crowd…

How did its voice become so loud?

Two separate molecules exist,

But once muddled by all the mess,

A competition left to chemicals is no wonder which bond remains…


The fact of no reason for a war to rise;

A face of truth too well-disguised.

Words of clarity without threat,

I’m afraid many times are in debt. (i find myself in debt)


Reassurance comes from the lack of something other;

An uncle, grandpa, a brother…

I’m left in the dark, seeking the needle which bears no nest,

Oh god… I’ll try my best.



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