my hero

Even the most beautiful, loving soul-combining,

has the possibility of destructive behaviour…


I was given something about one and a half years ago,

such an opportunity, offered with love and hope;



It was perfectly imperfect,



As time continued, so did life,

and the choices and daily actions of a new duet…


There came a point where an analysis,

demanded certain changes of the other part;

the part which thought it understood…


Understanding was not the solution however,

not fully…


Responsibility was missing,



And soon, this continuation without changes,

fell short of harmony…


And the longer this remained,

the further apart the duo grew…

And the more the desperation arose,

the harder it became for clarity to exist…


Followed by disappointments, forgiveness was always suffocated by the repetitive mistakes and failures…

-The role of victim and hero doesn’t exist when there is no sign of saviour-

As the cycle continues to make its turn, this stationary status initiates negative impact:

-A further drift in the harmony that was…

-The victim who has been for so long forgets the concept of effort and change and remains in pain and darkness…

-This energy which then reflects itself selfishly on the other,

and this unjust burden comes with a numbing effect…

-Eventually the death and emotionless atmosphere consumes the present,

-while the remaining pain selfishly continues to stab and hurt that which felt hurt it too…

-Not making any room for a comprehension of the other, just the self.


So finally when the calm arrives, and it does, the pain forgets about its blind behaviour and begins only then to see how much it managed to hurt the hero…

The one they always loved. And for this, I am now able to say I truly am sorry and furthermore thankful for it all.


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