chains of belief, society, thoughts, desires, cruel intentions, selfishness, fear…

so many times we create our own illnesses, creating burdens for ourselves,

It is done both consciously and with purpose, whilst at other times it can be done by the subconscious for a purpose we have deep seeded within.

These created illnesses, branch out and manage to affect those around us likewise, especially loved ones,

And in a sense this creates a tie or perhaps a chain in many cases between the ill and the outsider.

Thinking on this, I can see how this can be used to keep those around us, ‘bring them closer’ or even completely trap them. Looking at this, I can see how this could comfort, and in a sense guarantee the ownership of the other.

The difference between the subconscious and the conscious in these situations would most often be that the subconscious is not necessarily aware of the ties he or she creates and will experience instead, as a result thereof, much confusion and conflict between themselves and the other, whilst the conscious will tend to have more knowledge and thus a certain ‘control’ over the situation.

This topic is broad, but it came to me in a vision of something I felt so burdensome and never could quite clearly see amongst the clouds of all else we feel or have around us in life. In sharing, I merely wish to isolate this idea that others may specifically look into their own personal standpoint on this and possibly, like myself, manage to set a part of them and thus a part of others free.

The creator of these chains has the heaviest weight to bare in the end, if this is you, then you may just have learnt a simple idea that could relieve you of a lot of extra weight.


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