What’s an offer…

What’s an offer with many but’s? -Probably shitty.

~Simone Dimitriou

The wonderful game of feeding off the desperation of another by tracking down their shortcomings and putting out an offer which addresses their highest struggle while quietly slipping in a hundred and one but’s regarding the conditions that apply. 

Cheap rent for example… But we all live in the same space, and the shower too, and the door is glass, and theres 4 of us, and we do not know one another and we have to live in the house at least 5/7 days per week…

A wonderful pay, but you have to answer very personal sexual questions honestly, but you will remain anonymous to the one who receives the final information. Yes, shit’s fucked up, and this is just the tip of that old iceberg out there…

~All these questions of moral ethics, even when hearing these things now, the decision seems clear. BUT, what about those who receive these ‘offers’ in a time of need, times of weakness etc. What is my point, just another way humans have decided to neglect their responsibilities in this world to respect others, live and let live, instead of abuse and use when people are knocked down. A cheap shot if you will. 



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