glue: solid. Now the new…

A family can be seen as comforting,

Something more than just a chance encounter;

Where we came from to be simply of existence…


New families, we feel ourselves become a part of, 

So special, to cherish, and not to forget…


Perhaps not forgetting either how it was we came about.


New experiences, a new crowd,

Did these families not start there once upon a time too?


How lovely it is to feel at home, how easy it is to stay put.


Do you remember how it felt when it all began?

These wonderful opportunities and gifts we managed to create together…


So many people out there, many more new than old;

Is it not exciting to think on this?


How often do we give it thought…


As change is the only constant,

Embracing through acknowledgement;

A good start…


Acknowledging through experience that realises this change that exists;

Endless possibilities await.


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