Out of character

A gem announced by an order of the mind…

and soul-

Felt and feelings true,

No demise to remove but the ‘you’

I, me, we, fight so hard a protection based on preservation and purity,

A true sentiment, something worth the alternative vent

Elation as she washes over like a fresh breath of air…

Bound and human,

Fabricated errors bring us to knees and arm’s length extends beyond…


Left only with truth, helplessness felt beyond attainable,

Remainder of nothing to teach but preach as we do…

Another moment we assure/assume,

For you as for me,

I will share with you my story:

A momentary lapse,

A legendary stream

No team-

Just mean, we seem to feed, or not we bleed away, awake and alive,

Onto the must -or drive

Lets jive, stay around our strive, fives alive, quickly raise your hand or surrender to the knive

Shame, guilt and the fear of loss

To live a lesser degree, derived through the freedom of choice we so eagerly fight for,

The responsibility apparent, ever-present, something to ignite or…

Inadequacy so quickly extinguishes all felt

Boom. Crash.

Now be.


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