Cram Slam

Pressure carries a more negative connotation to that of her supported positives…

but as the time comes for the finals, all students gather their best efforts to procrastinate.

Some, (such as myself) find the excel of efficiency riding the great wave of pressure;

The positive correlation exists and emanates an ever growing fuelling force;

The mountains become molehills as midnight strikes:

The day before that beastly exam raises its brow (and yours) upon reception.


The time for repetition and revision- an attempt to make sense of it all has passed

And as we reflect on the amount of material we managed to ride through on our beloved wave,

I begin to see the wonder and light- the immense power it possesses and gave to me my possession,

For I had done it, succeeded through the vast array of trees my colleagues spent weeks tackling and stumbling over,

In one single night, my wave and I rode right on over to the positive light at the end of the final tunnel.



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