Subtle signals you direct I seem to deflect or you may feel neglect,

But when I ask my true it’s not my belief, and I never gave conscious life to the thought even,

But that’s not enough, when you admit your expectations go beyond my capacity,

It’s not an exclusive feature in your relationships though, you say it happens always,

I wonder then how to reach a compromise, I want to try… if only with you;

The following day greets us with an explosion of pressures and external stressors,

Suddenly the rude awakening of your fire ignites me, before he invites me,

No consensus, no objective, no chance;

Don’t feel you are the victim, –but I didn’t, I listened, I heard…

Blinded by the flames, the goal for the day has been defeated,

Postponed- but not to be reheated;

How can I begin, all I felt, all I wanted to say, all I said, to my head, in my bed, seeing red,

Attempting to replace the monotone with a rainbow, sushi, oceans, beaches, flowers;

Living in towers, seeing through different powers,

I waited there for hours…

But now I see it,

-It’s not mine

It’s not yours,

But ours.


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