Her note-to-self: __about love & jealousy & pain & sadness, life & death.

He saved me because he broke me with love…

You know, when I was depressive I would try hurt myself in various ways just to feel pain, to feel something;

And it worked… however momentary.

The pain was there as the blade entered my flesh, when the blood began to rush to the surface, followed by the chilling tingles rushing through my nerv…

– But, the next day the pain was gone and after that it was only a matter of hours before the healing began to overpower that of its counterpart…

So when I came here I was like ‘pfff‘,

then slowly this escalated feeling overtook and love became my trip,

until one day my shadow (me) faded to superfluous smidgens of grey…

He broke me, cut right through my heart, so deep.

This extreme feeling so profound I wanted to live again knowing that I could feel- something -so real, so pure, so true.


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