The sky is gonna drown (an old letter-to-self of a young, lost, broken-hearted girl)

Born into my mind as a premonition unfolds,

With feelings, an unknowing, no denying.


Accumulation then proceeded by the humiliation,

Unsatisfying, but the pain so beautifully suffices. 


These eyes look… but the images are ill;

Purely reminders of how I imagined it had been.

Dreams indicate the extent to which it invades my feelings toward you now. 


Affection exists only in a superfluous moment before returning to nothing;

Like the uncontainable flashes of light in a dense cover,

A thunderstorm like no other.


Proud: you against me,

Is this really competition or merely lashing out in pain?

No desire for gain…?

In the conscious, but dare we say what lies beneath.


~I dont hate you,

But I hate this pain~


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