expect nothing …


Expect nothing and in return; a preparation and opportunity to be impressed… or depressed by that which comes from it; When your mind consumes that of anothers reaction, when you seem to stumble upon some god-given right to say that which is right…

well it’s simple really… the higher power we give many names and many a colourful explanation for, the thing none of our minds are surely able to fathom;

the power bestowed on you as we feel it is on “him”…

religion or none. I know if your breathing right now… you surely weren’t the one to create that which I live, walk through and breathe each day. That which my own eyes reveal to me. the seeing, tasting, smelling, touching, hearing… that which I spent my life entraining and tuning-in with…

If you plan to play it, be sure you can answer to that which is still to be answered…that which is still…

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