intro and contact details

I would love to hear your opinions, thoughts and feelings on my posts. As it is in all creative outputs by one individual, the interpretation is left soley and uniquely to the reader. A story, experience or emotion expressed by one, juxstaposed to the receiving of that of another willing, bored or perhaps curious ear…

One thought on “intro and contact details

  1. …remembering the start… clear as day. grade 4 primary loving, first poem assignment. a pen that never left my hand, a heart and mind that never stopped to flock n follow. to think, to feel, to express and undress. a soul, a heart, a human, like you , its me, my voice on paper. transferred to this shizz. like you, just searching, enjoying, hating, listening.

    love the making, indulge in the taking.
    life yes. never alone. never concealed.
    my life- revealed.

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