Distant Dubai

Boarding the plane in Dubai, enroute GenevaOk, so after what felt like half an hour, AT LEAST… we (myself and some of the other passengers on the bus) arrive at the moveable staircase leading up to the Emirates aircraft – the final leg of my travel experience (for now of course). Me, being the South African tourist that I was, decided to whip out the camera in an attempt to snap up some sort of memory in commemoration of the exciting moment

Suffice to say, I managed to get two pics (this and one prior) before I was repromanded/rudely interrupted, by a man in uniform, who had on him a rather serious face; This was again reflected by the tone of his voice.

Moral of the story: no photo-capturing of Emirates aircraft or the likes thereof or of anything else you might like to capture within view whilst near the aircraft (and the serious man).

Message to the man with the serious everything: “LOOK what I have!!!! <cheeky face and tone of voice> “


every ‘thing’ governs two sides of its full spectrum (… balance is key)

I’ve been thinking about the concerns and sacrifices both mother and I thought up… naturally…

But as I sit in O.R.T airport, looking at this life that we have all been offered, I cannot help but think that one would be able to find faults/risks/sacrifices- concerns – about every choice that comes ones way;

Without them, choice does not exist. _How can you say yes/no based on a choice that possesses none of the above?

It seems that for the most part, we enjoy referring to mans ways as a form of ‘natural instincts’, something deeper than that which dwells on the surface so simply and plainly.

Why now, should we ignore this natural reflex as a factor posing power to potentially warp ones thoughts when trying to make ‘the right choice’ ?

By recognising the above we can understand the anxieties caused by these things and realise that if one would always look to the risks as a means of swaying that decision, we would all end up moving backwards.

Stagnancy of ones progression, so to speak, does not stop life (nor time) from continuing…

So you do the math and then decide how much of an influence all the doubt and fear you harbour within should take control.

a human

I find myself in Switzerland today, this morning, at 12a.m.

I am alive, a human, a living force.

I have passions, desires, goals, wants and needs.

I have opportunities, options, choices.

I have a heart, feelings, emotions.

I am perfect in the imperfect and for that I am glad.

I am blessed with much and much is blessed with more.

I am growing, developing, changing…

I choose to be the chooser and in that I have chosen to live. 

Living room conversation

“A sneaky-sneak brother from another mother.”

“Sometimes I ask my friends to do this and they ask me to do that.”

“Coz no-one looks like Gareth Cliff.”

“I think i’m gonna get a fresh glass of water because I actually don’t trust you guys.”

“I’m quacking off in my tool-shed.”

“How about you get kissed between the inner thighs.”

“Ya, but Scotty doesn’t know the feeling…


“Roxy, I’m angry with you.”

“If it’s not in it’s on top.”

“Do you want some energy drink – do you want some energy?”

“CTrl ALt DeL, keep it in your feet because the street is heat.”

“Dude, can I see waht you’ve written?”

“Look how it’s like… look how it’s like.. floating there.

_look, it looks perfect.”

“But am I a girl and can I smoke a bong?”

“You might have a pen and paper…but I have a 12inch…”

_”this is so heavy.”

“I wanna see you guys smoke a beego.

_I went to jail for that, I was being bass.”

“After this, Ill get sleep.

…OMG. Canada has the best weed in the world.”

“Make it a ice cream cone.

_Tattooed head to phone.”

“I let out everything I think.”

(shitttteeee im Highhhhhhhhhhhhhhh)

_”Ok yes.”

“I find twitter a lot of fun but no-one’s who you are or what you say.”


The Delicious Monster

The Burning ManSo basically there is the largest outdoor festival in the Tankwa-Karoo desert. I suppose the question is how do you stumble upon such adventures and opportunistic experiences…? Well that all stems off from a great friend of mine who basically shared her knowledge of its existance with me through a mutual passion and curiosity for something more- pushing the boundaries if you will. The idea of it stewed about in our minds for a year or two and then practically fell into my lap when I was invited by an Eastern Cape force of individuals who, like us, shared a passion for the experience that was and is still to be had; every year. Our group name is The Delicious Monster, hence the title of this post…

The festival is like no other and is not to be regarded as “just another this or that.” Planning takes months of advanced energy and effort driven by a desire and passion for what’s instore. The concept is simple and the interpretation and experience to be had, entirely up to you as an individual.

We have currently established a rather strong and growing force in the form of what I would describe as Eastern Cape awesomeness who are all working together: delegating certain aspects in conjunction with the niches each person has at their disposal. It is an ongoing process that keeps us motivated, involved and evermore fired up. Some of our members have already attended one of the previous years and have been more than willing to share their knowledge and guidance for what lies ahead in 2012.

If this adventure is something you would love to be a part of, I encourage you to have a go at their official site which will be a more thorough explanation as well as a guide to your every query and thought thereon. Please do feel welcome to share thoughts or queries on this post and we can figure it out together. Or if you would like to have a look at our facebook group, it is open and welcome for all to join and get involved if it tickles your curiosity in any way at all: http://www.facebook.com/groups/thedeliciousmonster/?ref=ts

Here is a description of the festival as it is found on the site and the link tyou want to follow is: www.afrikaburn.com

“AfrikaBurn is a community of participants who gather once a year in the Karoo desert in South Africa forming an impermanent city, creating art, building structures and theme camps, wearing costumes, making music and performances and more!”

Be enlightened and hope to see you all there in the years to come.


where do the children play when the boom boom goes to sleep?

After-party central…. when you receive some candy and the doctors leaving in 15…. go to BBbbbbbronx… but only because you know other trancies will be there looking for an alternative. As our day went, it’s fokken staring me in the face through the windows of Arthurs, making use of a net belonging to Mr Daniel Hendler himself. The options are as folllows if you manage to make your way down or up. whichever way you prefer it: red wine, tea, water, a shower and some Mario Brothering. dont ever kid yourself when the music stops. didn’t your mamma ever tell you…. energy can never be created or destroyed- only transferred from one form to another~