red-handedly overwhelmed


And when it first hits, as the initial bite passes along and makes its way into your stomach…

You know its nowhere near the only feeling or emotion you have:

 at that exact moment, the moments before and the moments that have yet to arrive…

but they will. You know.


Suddenly there seems to be a lack of place… the spaces inbetween shrink, the air inside and out doesn’t flow quite the same anymore… your breathing… but you’re always made aware as each passing breath takes that much more effort and at the same time loses that much more comfort of which it normally would increase.


You watch as it depletes… and you know and you see how your belly grows…

in a moment you are taken away from it to be brought only to the attention of a seemingly possible question to ask, yet alone to answer.


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expect nothing …



Expect nothing and in return; a preparation and opportunity to be impressed… or depressed by that which comes from it; When your mind consumes that of anothers reaction, when you seem to stumble upon some god-given right to say that which is right…

well it’s simple really… the higher power we give many names and many a colourful explanation for, the thing none of our minds are surely able to fathom;

the power bestowed on you as we feel it is on “him”…

religion or none. I know if your breathing right now… you surely weren’t the one to create that which I live, walk through and breathe each day. That which my own eyes reveal to me. the seeing, tasting, smelling, touching, hearing… that which I spent my life entraining and tuning-in with…

If you plan to play it, be sure you can answer to that which is still to be answered…that which is still…

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Jade’s memory

There’s an echo in the valley these memories seem to carry;
And (my) words appear to marry-
Then stop.
A breath takes hold of a paper to pen;
Inverse reality-
We’ll call Ben.
An uncle whose face I cannot realise to reincarnate,
So I immitate a form of reverie
Yet again-
I stop.
…As it was not my mission,
Now I begin to listen.

living moments


I like to write it down as I feel something,

Because the emotions that govern the thoughts,

Provoked by the environment in the moment,

Allows me to make sense of it all,

By tieing the two together;

Not to draw conclusions, but a simple reminder,

That allows for a moment to come back down from it all.

A clear mind and peaceful heart,

That leads me to a more clear depiction,

Of what it was I felt.

Through patience an understanding is reached,

Clouded judgements avoided,

And an an answer I’ll meet.

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four years ago today. Four years of learning to accept and more importantly understand it all


Pressure in all directions, shapes, strengths;

Like waves of uncomfortable comfort,

It offers a heart.

To feel surrounded, pushing a soul,

Out of a box:

Overwhelmed by foreign voices, sites and opportunity;

Rendered blind, uncertain in another certainty,

And a question of what is right.

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